The Collective 2024

Continue scaling your income, impact and yourself, with The Collective

We begin January, 2024.

Holy sh*t!
What a year we’ve had together!

For inviting me to be a part of your journey -
thank you, thank you, thank you.

Gold Line

It’s been an absolute honour to witness you grow your online program, your business and yourself. To say that I’m freakin’ proud of you would be a huge understatement.

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Re-join us in 2024!

Some say that all good things must come to an end, but I call BS on that … because the Collective is continuing in 2024, baby! And you’re invited!

The next round will only be open to 30 therapists, and as a Collective OG, you get first dibs before we invite in this year’s Incubator students on Saturday 9 December.

Committed to continuing on your path

of scaling and success?
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Step into your next level of impact, potential and profit.

As you experienced firsthand this year, the Collective will support you to further embody your identity as a thought leader, disruptor, change maker and successful business owner.

The growth potential of ourselves and our online programs and businesses is limitless, but each level of expansion requires up-levelled knowledge skills and beliefs…

Which is why The Collective exists.

Because you don’t have to do it alone and in fact, trying to do so will cost you more time, energy and money.

Because I’m dedicated to constantly improving The Collective based on our student’s feedback, 2024 will see it get an upgrade!

Here’s what you’ll receive…
2024 Strategic Visioning Workshop

We’ll set your 2024 up for success from the get-go with a two day virtual planning retreat!


Pack your snacks and make yourself a bulk supply of tea, as we get you crystal clear on what you’re working on and moving towards for the year and the exact action steps you need to make your goals and visions your reality.


This workshop is your opportunity to dream big and set yourself the kind of big and audacious goals that will make your future self proud.


All successful business owners have an annual strategy and if you want to reach the levels of success that I know you aspire to, then you need one too.


No more flying by the seat of your pants, no more guessing and no more making it up as you go - it’s time to put your CEO pants on and this is your first step.


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Live Monthly group coaching calls

10 group calls, with hot seat opportunities, tailored to yours and the group’s individual needs.


Having journeyed through the Incubator, I know I don’t need to tell you how transformational these calls are, and how big the breakthroughs can be. 


The options for our time together are endless - audience building, lead gen, marketing and sales, systems, copywriting, content creation, ads, hiring, firing, busting through self limiting beliefs (because new levels bring new BS beliefs, friend!) - wherever your business and online program need us to go, so they can grow, we will.  

(February to November)

Two luxe in-person Collective Retreats

Yes, you read that correctly!


For 3 whole days, twice in 2024, the team and I will whisk you away somewhere beautiful and wine (optional), dine and up-level you.


The extra amazing news? They’re free - all you have to do is pay for your flights, accommodation and a few meals and we will cover the rest.


While the locations are yet TBA, you can guarantee that these luxurious retreats will support you to step into a higher level of mastery in your business, access your full potential as a thought-leader and change-maker, and nourish and evolve you personally!


While we’re not going to spill all the details and ruin the fun, you can expect to experience things like:

  • Deep inner work, supported by practices like breathwork, ice bathing, emotional freedom technique and embodiment
  • Hot seat coaching sessions
  • Advanced business development workshops 
  • Business review, strategy and planning sessions
  • Nourishing chef made meals (and a few sneaky cocktails or mocktails!)
  • Time connecting with nature 
  • Cultural experiences 
  • Solo time for contemplation, recalibration and dreaming.

Retreats of this calibre would cost up to $10,000 outside of the Collective, so the value you will get out of them, in and of themselves, is outstanding!

(Dates and Locations TBA)

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Quarterly Growth Strategy & Planning Workshops

One thing all successful entrepreneurs have in common is that they invest time and energy into strategy and planning. They know their numbers, and what’s working and what’s not working - and they take informed action forward that supports their success. 


Many therapist entrepreneurs don’t love strategy and planning, and will avoid it at all costs - which is why, each quarter, we’ll walk alongside you as you review your numbers and set a vision for your next 90 days.


Not only will I teach you everything we know, I’ll also provide you with personalised feedback and coaching, so you can set expansive revenue goals and create a potent plan to move you in the direction of your goals … of course in a way that honours your health, happiness and wellbeing. 

(March, June, September, December)

Quartlery Full day Advanced Business Trainings

 Four full days to dive deep into all things business growth. If you’re anything like me, there’s nothing more exciting - haha.


These sessions will evolve you from a therapist entrepreneur, to a 6 /7 figure CEO, who is strategic and skilled - in turn growing your online program’s success and your income and impact.


The topics for these full day trainings differ from year to year and are dependent on the needs of the group. Examples of topics include: 


  • Building and managing your dream team
  • Automating and systematising your processes
  • Advanced marketing strategies
  • Maximising productivity without burnout
  • Scaling your online program
  • Financial planning and ensuring stability as you scale
  • Leveraging partnerships and collaborations for business growth

Our options are endless!

(February, May, August, November)

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12 months Access

12 months Access community of fellow therapists who are scaling and kicking audacious and juicy goals.


Because the Collective is a more intimately sized group, filled with visionary leaders who are all devoted to up-levelling - the group dynamic is second to none.


I don’t need to tell you how important community is when you’re stepping outside the box and doing things differently. These like-minded humans will be your cherleaders and collaborators for life!

exclusive opportunity

AND *drumroll please!* … an opportunity to become part of our mentor team, which is an exclusive opportunity offered to Collective members only!


Have you ever looked to the incredible Coach Emma and thought, “I’d LOVE to have a role like hers at Therapists Rising!” Well, now you can!


We have big plans to support even more therapists even more intensively over the coming years, and our mentor team will be leading the way!


And as I said above, being a part of the Collective community is the only path to this role so if you want in, come and join us!

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1:1 sessions (limited quantity)

11 monthly 1:1 sessions with Dr. Hayley. This is a strictly limited offer. I will only be opening 1:1 sessions to two collective members for 2024. This offer is available to you first because you are alumni.

(limited quantity)

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What we stand for...
  • Welcome to the Collective, where we empower therapist entrepreneurs to scale their businesses, amplify their impact, and create a legacy. We believe in the power of online programs and the freedom of building a business on your own terms.
  • We see businesses as vehicles for change, catalysts for the impact you want to make, and the legacy you're here to create. Yet, we also believe in putting life first, crafting a business that supports your lifestyle and contributes to your overall happiness.
  • We're not just here to help you scale; we're here to disrupt and revolutionize the mental health industry from the inside out. We're challenging the status quo, pushing boundaries, and pioneering new ways of delivering mental health services.
  • The Collective Mastermind is a transformative journey, providing you with advanced strategies, tools, and a supportive community. As industry leaders, we're here to guide, mentor, and celebrate your successes with you.
  • Join us, and let's make your dreams a reality. Here at The Collective, we don't just believe in the power of possibility - we live it.
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No matter your goals, The Collective
can support you!
  • Expand your marketing and sales skill set
  • Scale your online program
  • Create a new online program, or other profitable offering
  • Find, onboard and train staff members who are skilled in areas outside your zone of genius
  • Increase your visibility and build your audience
  • Take your income to its next level
  • Expand your network and build new connections with other industry leaders
  • Speak on stage
  • Evolve beyond the ‘Therapy Chair’ full time
  • [Insert your own goal here!]

If you’re still with us reading this, then we know there’s something in your heart urging you forward (YAY!)

Let’s explore your options…

Therapists Rising:

The Collective Mastermind

Collective Mastermind Alumni

Collective Mastermind 1:1

(Only 2 Spots)
  • 12 months of advanced high-touch business support, tailored to yours and the group’s unique needs



  • 2024 Strategic Visioning Workshop. A virtual 2 day planning retreat to set your goals for 2024



  • Live Monthly group coaching calls. (I know I don’t need to tell you how transformational they are!)



  • Two 3-day luxe in-person Collective Retreats



  • Quarterly Growth Strategy & Planning Workshops. To help you look at your numbers, and review what’s working and what’s not)



  • Quartlery Full day Advanced Business Trainings



  • 12 months Access community of fellow therapists who are scaling and kicking audacious and juicy goals



  • Access to our new Incubator Plus (paid membership) and all its contents and inclusions



  • Monthly 1:1 sessions with Dr. Hayley 



A deposit of $997* followed by...

11 Monthly payments of


11 monthly payments of


Allow me to answer your questions...

We’ll let you know dates and locations as early as possible, to give you plenty of time to plan.

You will only have to pay for your flights, accommodation and a few meals, we’ll cover the rest!

Two new criteria for everyone who joins The Collective is that they must (1) apply to join, so I can ensure they’re the perfect fit for the group and (2) have an online program that’s successfully converting.

Like you, their foundations will be laid and they will be devoted to their personal and professional development!

Important dates:

Saturday 9 December

The Collective doors open to our current Incubator student (so because there’s only 30 spots available, we suggest getting in before then!)


Your Collective 2024
journey officially begins!

Gold-Line - short

The investment

(*Please note that because you are a renewing member, you get the added bonus of a $1,000 discount for every consecutive year you renew! This discount has been applied on all pricing through this page).

2023 Collective
Mastermind Alumni Offer

Save $1000AUD if you
re-enroll NOW

Deposit: $997

11 Monthly payments of $1,000

2023 Collective
Mastermind 1:1 Alumni Offer

Save $1000AUD if you
re-enroll NOW

Deposit: $997

11 Monthly payments of $1,600

Where do you want to be,

at the end of 2024?

While I wholeheartedly believe in celebrating your progress, I also invite you to simultaneously dream about what’s next for you, your online program and your business.

You are the author of your future and, as I hope you learned this year, even dreams that feel far-fetched and out of reach can be written into your storyline and become a part of your reality.

I loved your presence in The Collective and would be over the moon to have you continue your journey with us, so I can guide you in bringing the next chapter of your future vision to life.

Remember, there’s only 30 spots available in The Collective for the whole of 2024...

And you only have until Saturday 9 December to grab your spot before the doors open to our Incubator students too (I have a feeling they’re going to go like hot cakes, my friend!)

Have questions? I’m always here for you. Simply email me at and I’ll get back to you ASAP.