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3 months of continued support and community to get your BETA launched, keep your momentum high and lay solid foundations for your online program’s long term success.

Doors Close 2oth of May, 5pm AEST

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You deserve a medal for how far you’ve come, therapist.

While many will only ever dream of evolving beyond 1:1 work and creating more abundant and freedom-filled ways of making money and having an impact…


You’ve actually taken action on your dreams.


As you learned from your Incubator experience, staying on path and continuing to move forward is more easily done when you’re handed the right information on a golden platter, being guided and held accountable, and surrounded by like-minded visionary therapists.


This is why we created Incubator Plus…

To keep you up-skilling and growing as a therapist and online program creator so you can get your BETA launched and move you closer to your income, lifestyle and impact dreams and goals.

Incubator Plus is a 3-month community for therapists who:
  • Have graduated from the Incubator (WOO!)
  • Want to stay on track, maintain their momentum and get their BETA off the ground
  • Want access to new trainings each month
  • Want monthly support from Hayley and Coach Emma
  • Want to stay connected with an inspiring and supportive group of fellow therapists who ‘get it’ and cheer you on
  • Want to get tech savvy, and master how to use Innovorise to run their online program and business.

One of the greatest gifts of online programs is that there’s no limits to the heights they can reach.

No matter where you stand at the end of your Incubator journey, there’s room for your online program to develop, and your work and impact to grow.

Incubator Plus will keep you moving forward so you can stay on track towards your big and bright dream of creating an additional income stream, and being of service in a new way, through an online program.

For 3 months inside Incubator Plus, you’ll receive:
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Fortnightly 90 minute live group Q&A and hot seat callss with Hayley or Coach Emma.

You’ve done the Incubator, so know how big the breakthroughs on these calls can be. Hot seats and Q&A’s tailored to yours and the group’s needs - wherever your business and online program need us to go, so they can grow, we will. 

A One Hour live expert masterclass

Boost your online program knowledge, business skills and mindset with specialised support from Therapists Rising staff and industry experts.


These masterclasses will make sure you continue to grow, up-skill and progress, each month.

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A growing library of masterclasses

All past masterclasses will be available to watch, while you’re in the Incubator Plus community.


Past masterclasses, that you would have access to, include:


  • The low-cost Facebook ad strategy to dominate the news feed
  • Creating high value lead magnets
  • Bust through your visibility blocks with EFT.
  • An ethical approach to understanding sales objections
  • Accelerate your goal success with EFT
Plug-and-play templates

Each month we’ll give you a template that will help you save time, energy and money, and create effective systems and processes, as you build your business.

Templates for podcast pitches, launch debriefs, feedback and testimonial forms, content and marketing planning… we’ve got you covered.


Here’s what is already in our template library: 

  • The perfect podcast pitch template
  • Live launch project plan template
  • Non-buyer survey and email template
  • Creating a high converting opt-in page
  • Creating 30 days of social media content.
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Access to our private Facebook group

The Incubator Facebook group will be retired BUT there is a private Facebook group for Incubator Plus members.


The support, advice, and vulnerability you’ve come to know and love will continue on in this group!


I don’t need to tell you how important community is when you’re stepping outside the box and doing things differently. These like-minded humans will be your cheerleaders and collaborators! 


PLUS who knows, your dream customer might be in there too!

PLUS - FREE access to our all-in-one tech platform, Innovorise

For 90 days, you’ll get free access to Innovorise so you can start laying the foundations for your online program’s tech success.

Innovorise can do all sorts of helpful things including (but not limited to!):
  • Build your website 
  • Run your online program
  • Build landing/opt-in pages
  • Email marketing
  • Create contracts and collect e-signatures
  • Schedule your social media posts
  • Receive payments
  • Create and send surveys and testimonial requests
  • Create a quiz
  • Take client bookings. 


Feel overwhelmed by tech? Keep reading 👇🏽

Weekly Innovorise Q&A calls and tutorials with Rob.

While tech is an essential part of running an online program, we therapists aren’t always the most tech savvy (people skills are more our thing - haha).

That’s why, every week for 3 months, Rob will be on hand to answer your questions and take you through in real time tutorials of Innovorise.

Unsure if you want to use Innovorise long term? No worries - a lot of what Rob will teach you will be transferable to other systems, so no learning will go to waste!

You’ll get all this for just $197 AUD a month, for 3 months.

For what it would cost you to have a weekday coffee for a month, you’ll receive access to a supportive Facebook group/cheerleading squad, group Q&A’s and hot seat calls, expert masterclasses, Innovorise tech tutorials and templates to help you create solid systems, seamless processes and set your business up for success. 

While you, as an alumni, will still get access to the Incubator core course content, Incubator Plus will provide you with ongoing support, teachings, community and accountability.

No needing to hold yourself accountable (because we all know how hard that can be!) and no staying small, Incubator Plus will guide and inspire you to grow and up-level.

Incubator Plus will only open its doors for a short period and will close at 5pm AEST on the 20th of May.

As you know, staying on track and taking action is very hard to DIY, so if you know that support, mentoring and a cheerleading squad will help you move forward, then now’s your time to join us.

Have questions? We have answers…

If you haven’t run your BETA yet (or aren’t close to running it) it’s likely that you need support and some gentle, accountability to get it done.

The fresh monthly masterclasses, resources, Q&A and hot seat calls, and the Incubator Plus Facebook group, will inspire the pants off of you and keep you moving forward.

Yes, you have lifetime access to the core content.

Saying ‘YES’ will commit you to Incubator Plus for 3 months. Once you're in, you’re in - but we know you won’t regret it!

No, this group will close BUT if you join Incubator Plus you’ll be welcomed into that exclusive private group with welcome arms.

On the 20th of May at 5pm AEST. After this time the doors will close.

You can either subscribe for just $97 AUD a month, or you can cancel. 

We’re so excited to help you continue to create and grow your online program and business in Incubator Plus!

We know the power that online programs have - to generate an abundant income; meaningfully impact people’s lives, and create a sustainable, healthy and freedom-filled way of working - and we can’t wait to help you keep your momentum high and your action consistent in Incubator Plus.

The doors close on the 20th of May at 5pm AEST.

Dr. Hayley and the Therapists Rising team. X