Incubator Plus

The only membership community by therapists for therapists who want to keep growing their online program, maintaining their momentum, and doing the inner work needed to reach new heights in their work and life.

Doors Close 14th of January, 11:59pm AEDT
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You deserve a medal for how far you’ve come, therapist.

While many will only ever dream of evolving beyond 1:1 work and creating more abundant and freedom-filled ways of making money and having an impact…


You’ve actually taken action on your dreams.


As you learned from your Incubator experience, staying on path and continuing to move forward is more easily done when you’re handed the right information on a golden platter, being guided and held accountable, and surrounded by like-minded visionary therapists.


This is why we created Incubator Plus…

To keep you learning, up-skilling and growing as a therapist and online program creator so you can keep taking intentional steps towards your income, lifestyle and impact dreams and goals.

Incubator Plus is for therapists who:
  • Have graduated from the Incubator (WOO!)
  • Want access to new business trainings each month
  • Want monthly support from Hayley
  • Want support and accountability to stay on track, take action and make their online program as successful and profitable as possible
  • Want to stay connected with an inspiring and supportive group of fellow therapist entrepreneurs who ‘get it’ and help you to keep on keeping on
  • Feel the pull (and maybe even the fear!) to step into being an entrepreneur and growing a CEO mindset … and perhaps even have dreams of joining the Collective mastermind one day!

Here’s just some of what Incubator Plus will support you to do:

  • Build your audience and sell out your online program
  • Become a more competent and successful business owner
  • Increase your confidence as an online program creator and facilitator
  • Bust through the internal blocks that go hand-in-hand with up-levelling in business
  • Get more comfortable being visible, marketing and selling online
  • Stay on track with your income, impact and lifestyle goals
  • Come up with new, inspiring and profitable ‘next steps’ for your business
  • Create a sustainable business model that’s the right fit for you and your family
  • Connect, network and collaborate with other therapists

One of the greatest gifts of online programs is that there’s no limits to the heights they can reach.

While you’ve already come so far (*applause*), the world is your oyster and there’s so much more room for you and your work to grow.

Whether you have monetary goals; lifestyle goals, like having more quality family time or being location independent; or impact goals, there’s always refinements that can be made… Incubator Plus will help you get to your next level, in your perfect right way.

A very special offer, for our Incubator Alumni…

Three months free access and a founding member discount for the Incubator Plus.

To say thank you for being a much loved and valued member of our community, we’re offering all our beloved alumni a three month all-access pass into Incubator Plus. YAY!

For three months, and for no cost, you’ll receive:
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Monthly two hour live group Q&A and hot seat calls with Hayley.

You’ve done the Incubator, so know how big the breakthroughs on these calls can be. Hot seats and Q&A’s tailored to yours and the group’s needs - wherever your business and online program need us to go, so they can grow, we will.  

Monthly expert masterclasses

Hayley, team Therapists Rising staff (including our one and only Yoda, Coach Emma!), and other industry experts will help you boost your online program knowledge, business skills and mindset with their specialised support.


Unlike the Incubator content that stays the same each round, the Incubator Plus content will be new and created to help you grow, up-skill and progress, each month.


Creating successful pre-launch runways; crafting (sustainable!) social media content plans; pitching for podcasts and other awesome opportunities; analysing your numbers; using AI to grow your business with ease - we have you covered, therapist.

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A growing library of masterclasses

Every monthly masterclass will be available to access forevermore, while you’re in the Incubator Plus community.


This will expand into an all-you-can-watch smorgasbord of online program building and online business succeeding content over time.

Plug-and-play templates

Each month we’ll give you a template that will help you save time, energy and money, and create effective systems and processes, as you build your business. These will be the exact templates the Therapists Rising team use in their day-to-day working life.


Templates for podcast pitches, launch debriefs, feedback and testimonial forms, content and marketing planning… we’ve got you covered.


Like our masterclass library, our template library will also grow in time and when you’re in, they’re all yours!

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A private Facebook group

The current Incubator Facebook group will be retired (I know, sad face) BUT replaced with a brand-spanking-new group for our Incubator Plus members.


Think: everything that was great about the old group - the support, the advice, the engagement, the vulnerability, the emotional safety - on steroids. 


I don’t need to tell you how important community is when you’re stepping outside the box and doing things differently. These like-minded humans will be your cheerleaders and collaborators!

You’ll get all this, for free, for three. whole. months.

After that, it’s just $̶9̶7 a month.

$47 a month
as a founding member*

For less than it would cost you to have a weekday coffee for a month, you’ll receive group  Q&A’s and hot seat calls with Hayley, a brand new expert masterclass, a template to help you create solid systems, seamless processes and set your business up for success and access to an awesome Facebook community/cheerleading squad.

*Founding member discount is only available until the 14th of January,2024. This price will be locked in as long as you remain in the membership, if you cancel the membership at any time, to rejoin you will be charged the current rate.

After your complimentary three month membership…
  • You can choose to stay in the community, and continue getting access to all the monthly business building and internal world transforming goodies and supports for just $̶9̶7̶  $47 a month


  • Opt-out and fly solo (although we, and your future goals and dreams, hope you don’t!)
In case you missed it, from 2024, the Incubator as you know it will no longer exist.

Our number one priority is, and always has been, to ensure that we’re providing our students with the best support possible. In order to do so, refinements had to be made to the Incubator and Incubator Plus had to be born.


(Sidenote: this is why we always advocate for you to debrief and reflect in your business - so you can pivot as necessary and do an even better job at serving your community!)


What will change? Most excitingly, the Incubator will turn into an 8 week intensive program that runs twice a year.


While you, as an alumni, will still get access to the teachings, Q&A and hot seat calls and Facebook group during these 8 week blocks (YAY!) Incubator Plus will provide you with year long support, teachings and accountability. 


Plus, rather than just having access to the same old rinse-and-repeat Incubator program content that you’ll inevitably outgrow, Incubator Plus will give you fresh content that meets you where you’re at as an evolving therapist and online program creator, month after month after month.


No rehashing old learnings and no staying small, Incubator Plus will guide and inspire you to grow and up-level.

Incubator Plus will only open its doors in May and October each year.

Once you’re out? You’re out until the doors re-open so if you know you need support, mentoring and a cheerleading squad to keep you on track and moving forward, then now’s your time to join us (or forever hold your peace - at least until October, anyway!)

The ‘New’ Incubator

Incubator Plus

  • Length
Runs for 8 weeks, twice a year
Provides year long support
  • Teachings and content
Remain the same each round
Are brand spanking new each and every month
  • Facebook group (aka your cheerleading squad)
Is only ‘open’ while the program is running
Is ‘open’ all year round
  • Community
Therapists who are new to the online program and business space
Therapists who have laid the foundations for their online program and business
  • Focus
Bringing your first online program to life
Getting business savvy and clearing your inner blocks, so your online program can succeed

A recap of what you’ll get for free for three months…

  • Live group Q&A and hot seat calls with Hayley
  • Expert masterclasses that will help you grow a successful and sustainable business
  • Plug-and-play templates that will save you time, energy and money (and perhaps even your sanity - haha)
  • Access to our private awesome Facebook group, so you can connect with and get support from therapists who are at the same stage of their journey as you.

Have questions? We have answers…

Nope. If you haven’t run your BETA yet it’s likely that you need support, accountability and a loving kick up the bum to get it done - am I right, or am I right? Incubator Plus will meet those needs in a way the ‘new’ Incubator cannot (because it’s turning into a twice yearly 8 week program that will essentially ‘shut down’ in between).


Plus, the fresh monthly masterclasses, resources, Q&A and hot seat calls, and the Incubator Plus Facebook group, will inspire the pants off of you and keep you moving forward.

Yes, if you want to you can still participate in future rounds of the Incubator.  You’ll also still have access to the ‘old’ Incubator content in Kajabi.

Absolutely and absolutely. It’s easy to cancel your subscription, you just need to make sure you do it before your subscription renews for the month otherwise your payment for the following month will still be automatically deducted from your bank account.


If you do choose to cancel, keep in mind that you can only join Incubator Plus twice a year - in May and October. What this means is that if you left in November for example, you couldn’t get back in until May, six months later.


Also note that the $47 a month founding member price will only be locked in if you maintain your membership.

A new Facebook group will be created each time a round of the ‘new’ Incubator runs (which you are of course welcome to join). The current Facebook group will be archived from the 15th of January 2024 and a new group for Incubator Plus members will be created.

On the 14th of January at 11:59pm AEDT. After that you’ll have to wait until May 2024 to get in. 


Please be aware that your free three months and founding member price of $47 a month is only valid if you join us by this time!

Not until sometime in May, and then again in October

Payment will be automatically debited from your chosen payment method on the same day each month, and you can easily cancel at any time if you choose to. 

We’re over the freakin’ moon excited about Incubator Plus

and we hope you are too!

Rather than staying ‘stuck’ in a community full of therapists who are at the beginning of their online program creation journey, Incubator Plus will meet you where you are now, and support and inspire you to keep your momentum high and your action consistent.

We know the power that online programs have - to generate an abundant income; meaningfully impact people’s lives, and create a sustainable, healthy and freedom-filled way of working - and we can’t wait to help you reach your next level and tick your goals quickly, through Incubator Plus.

The doors close on the 14th of January at 11:59pm AEDT and won’t open again until May 2024.

Dr. Hayley and the Therapists Rising team. X